Empowering Web3 revolution, from Indonesia.

SerMorpheus is a visionary force that aims to bridge the realms of Web2 and Web3, believing in the empowerment and transformation of individuals through the use of cutting-edge blockchain technology.


Where it all started

Established in 2021, SerMorpheus appeared as a leading-the-way force in the tech landscape of Indonesia. Driven by a deep understanding of the potential of Web3 technology and aware of the challenges faced by Web2 users, SerMorpheus was born with a clear mission: to integrate the power of blockchain into easy-to-use everyday journeys.


A vision of a seamless, empowering digital landscape

SerMorpheus envisions a future where the gap between Web3 and Web2 dissolves, creating a cool digital landscape that empowers individuals and businesses alike. We see a world where blockchain technology transcends its complexities, seamlessly integrating into everyday journeys and unlocking a new Kool realm of possibilities.


Cutting-edge products to empower transformation



Normies is the Indonesian first ever FIAT on & off ramps that enables seamless transfer of funds between bank accounts and crypto wallet.



Unlocking kool event experiences for both consumers and organizers. It offers a seamless end-to-end marketplace, as well as a comprehensive suite of tools and services to streamline event management.


Collab with Indonesian Web3 warriors!

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